Sad (Feelings) ISBN: 9781406206364
Medina, Sarah and Brooker, Jo
Published by Raintree, 2007
One of a series of books aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils which will be of use both at home and at school. 'Sad' explains that sadness is a feeling and that people who are sad may cry or feel extra tired. They may not want to play with others or eat. There are lots of reasons for feeling sad. A few of them are given here, such as hearing people argue, or being in trouble in school, or friends being mean. It is perfectly normal to feel sad at times, but we should think of ways to make us happier. When a friend is sad, they may not want to play and may even hide away, but one mustn't take offense at this: 'They are just feeling bad inside.' How can we help if a friend is sad? Some simple ways are given. The pictures are expressive and complement the text nicely. Because this series is aimed at quite young children, a picture glossary and short index are included. Great for PHSE.
Age: 5+