Don't be Sad, Sam (You Choose!) ISBN: 9780750277075
Regan, Lisa
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2013
This is one of a series of books about emotions and how to handle them. Sam is sad sometimes, and in a set of vignettes, we learn that he is sad because he has broken a plate and dad looks unhappy and cross, that his pet hamster has died, that his friend is moving to another town, that he feels left out in the playground, that his parents love his sister more than they love him. In each situation we are given choices of what Sam should do - a sort of multiple choice. There is a right answer for each dilemma, but the other choices might be possible, and herein lies the chance for discussion. Sam learns how to handle his feelings of sadness, and in the process, we do too. A glossary, an index, and two pages of advice for adults using the book with children are included. The bright illustrations are appealing.
Age: 5+