Everybody Feels... Sad ISBN: 9781784934255
Butterfield, Moira and Sterling, Holly
Published by QED Publishing, 2016
One of a series of books explaining the emotions. In this one we meet two children who have experienced sadness in quite different ways. In the first, we learn about Chloe. She has lost her toy elephant, Beebee, and this makes her sad when she is trying to sleep and remembers that Beebee should be under her pillow. Mum comforts her in the morning when she realises that Beebee won't be able to go to school with her that day. At school, her friends want to know why she is sad, and when she explains, they rally round to look for Beebee - and find her! Chloe is transported from sadness to happiness 'straight away'. Omar's problem is very different. When his well-loved cat, Socks, dies, he is truly bereft - and Socks will not be coming back again. Omar and his parents talk about Socks and remember her with great pleasure, and when Omar gets two new kittens, he begins to realise that while he will always love Socks, he also will love these pets too. While the two stories are at the heart of the book, there are extra helps too: explanations of what sad means and a poem to help us understand. There are precis of the stories too, which should help children make up their own stories about resolving sadness, and a set of 'Story Words' with accompanying pictures provide a kind of glossary. A page of help for those working with children gives ideas on how to use the book. The evocative illustrations show plenty of children of all races interacting together. An excellent production.
Age: 5+