My Friend Is Sad (Elephant and Piggie) ISBN: 9781406338478
Willems, Mo
Published by Walker Books, 2012
Gerald and Piggie are best friends, even though they really could not be more different. Gerald is careful and worries a lot; Piggie is smiley and carefree. But this does not mean they can't get along happily. When Piggie sees that Gerald is sad, he wants to help. He knows that Gerald likes cowboys, so he dresses like one, and Gerald is happy for a minute, but becomes sad again. Then Piggie becomes a clown, but that doesn't make any difference either. Even a robot doesn't work. 'How can anyone be sad around a robot?' asks Piggie. But when Piggie reappears on the scene as himself, Gerald becomes really happy again. Why has he been so sad? It's because his friend hasn't been there with him to see the cowboy, the clown, and the robot. Piggie's wry comment is, 'You need new glasses.' This ending may need a little explanation for younger children, but it is the perfect ending nevertheless. Poor Gerald hasn't been able to see that his friend was there all the time. The pictures are highly expressive with lots of white space and the two figures very much centre stage. Only a sentence or two on each page makes the story simple and easily grasped, while the comic-style pictures will appeal to all. Friends can make a real difference to someone who is sad, and this story will make that plain.
Age: 3+