Bob’s Blue Period ISBN: 9781786270696
Deuchars, Marion
Published by Lawrence King, 2018
Bob and Bat are best friends; Bob is a bird and Bat is a…well, bat. They do everything together, but most of all they love painting. One day there is a note from Bat to say that he’s sorry but he ‘must go away for awhile.’ This is not good news, and Bob feels very sad and rather lost. In fact, he is so sad, that all his pictures are painted in nothing but blue. There are blue bananas and blue oranges, blue trees, and even his friends that he paints owl and cat are blue. ‘There is a big blue hole where Bat used to be.’ What can they do to help Bob get his colours back? They decide to take him to see a sunrise, and there they are, all the colours one could hope for. When he sleeps, Bob dreams colours now, and soon he has a postcard from Bat to say he is on his way home. After a big party, Bob and Bat are again painting their beautiful pictures full of colour, but Bob decides to be cheeky because, after all, ‘you can paint your bananas any colour you like.’ Cue a purple banana! Lovely! And the striking illustrations with pages of background colour to match the mood are excellent. A treat!
Age: 5+