Black Dog ISBN: 9780140543957
Allen, Pamela
Published by Picture Puffin, 1992
This is a sophisticated picture book, a parable about close friendship and the hurt it can bring. Christina and Black Dog live together very happily. They share everything. But one cold winter day, when Christina has put out crumbs for the birds, she thinks she sees a beautiful blue bird in the forest. She becomes obsessed with the bird, and as the days go by, she forgets all about Black Dog, who becomes sadder and sadder. In a final desperate bid for her attention, he flies into the trees - and falls. She, realising what she has done, picks him up and carries him gently to her bed. The last picture shows her wrapping herself around him and telling him she loves him. Is it too late? We don't know, but the moral is plain: don't hurt the ones you love. The pictures, part real and part fantasy, full of cross hatching and detail are outstanding. Use with care.
Age: 8+