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Author Title Age
Matthew Snyman and Social Innovation Lab Kent. Foreword by Angela Rippon The Dementia Diaries 9+
Aldridge, Jo and Aldridge Deacon, Jack Can I Tell You About Being a Young Carer 8+
Alexander, Penny, Goddard-Hill, Becky and Forrest, Clare Create Your Own Happy 10+
Alexander, Tom Sometimes I Feel Sad 5+
Almond, David and Dunbar, Polly My dad's a birdman 7+
Arnold, Elizabeth and Busby, Ailie Thief in the garden 6+
Averiss, Corrinne and Follath, Isabelle Joy 3+
Ballard, Bronwen and Carlin, Laura Your Mind Is Like the Sky 6+
Bashford, Helen and Scott-Skinner, Russell Perry Panda: A Story about Parental Depression 3+
Bean, Izzy and Evans, Jane Kit Kitten and the Topsy-Turvy Feelings: A Story About Parents Who Aren't Always Able to Care 4+
Bingham, Jane Stress and Depression 11+
Cannon, Katy Love, Lies and Lemon Pies 11+
Cherrington, Clare Calling Tracy 8+
Clare, Horatio and Matthews, Jane Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot 10+
Clarke, Gus Max and the rainbow rain hat 5+
Demetris, Alex and Demetris, Jean Grandma's Box of Memories: Helping Grandma to Remember 4+
Deuchars, Marion Bob’s Blue Period 5+
Dowrick, Christopher and Martin, Susan Can I tell you about Depression? 9+
Eland, Eva When Sadness Comes to Call 4+
Elliott, Matt and Nunn, David William When Grandma Came to Stay 5+
Foster, John (Ed.) I'm in a mood today 8+
Gliori, Debi Night Shift: An insight into depression that words often struggle to reach 11+
Haddon, George and Moore, Lynda My Book about Brains, Change and Dementia 4+
Hood, Kim Finding a Voice: Friendship is a Two-Way Street ... 11+
Hoopmann, Kathy All Birds Have Anxiety 9+
Jones, Lloyd The Princess and the Fog: A Story for Children with Depression 4+
Littlewood, Karin, Peters, Polly and Peters, Andrew Fusek Colour Thief: A Family's Story of Depression 6+
MacPhail, Catherine and MacPhail, David White Feather 10+
Maclear, Kyo and Arsenault, Isabelle Virginia Wolf 6+
Mainstone-Cotton, Sonia and Birch, Jon Can I tell you about Bipolar Disorder? 8+
Mainstone-Cotton, Sonia and Birch, Jon Mummy's Got Bipolar 4+
Moses, Melissa and MacEachern, Alison Alex and the Scary Things: A Story to Help Children Who Have Experienced Something Scary 4+
Newboult, Miranda Emma's Stormy Summer 9+
Pielichaty, Helena Jade's story 10+
Potter, Molly and Jennings, Sarah What’s Going on Inside My Head? Starting Conversations with Your Child about Positive Mental Health 5+
Powell, Jillian Me and my feelings 10+
Rees, Gwyneth My mum's from Planet Pluto 11+
Rippin, Sally and Bates, Dianne The shape 9+
Shreve, Susan Blister 10+
Simpson, Kara and Redford, Ali The Boy Who Built a Wall Around Himself 6+
Stevens, Liza and Knightsmith, Pooky Not Today, Celeste!: A Dog's Tale about Her Human's Depression 4+
Tan, Shaun The Red Tree 9+
Ure, Jean Lemonade Sky 9+
Varley, Susan and Oram, Hiawyn Badger's bad mood 3+