Health problems and disabilities


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Author Title Age
'Althea' and Dowty, Bridget I can't hear like you 6+
Archer, Eleanor Zoo keeper 7+
Beese, Ava, Beese, Lilli and Beese, Nick Proud to be Deaf 7+
Bell, Cece and Lasky, David El Deafo 8+
Berrington, Lesley and Middleton, Karen A Day at the Park (Hattie and Friends) 3+
Bradford, Tim Chloe Gets Cochlear Implants 5+
Church, Diane and Fairclough, Chris Going swimming 6+
Colledge, Anne Falling into fear 9+
Colledge, Anne Northern lights 6+
Condon, Judith When it's hard to hear 8+
Crawford, Alice and Domney, Alexis Splish, Splat! 4+
Different authors River of hands - deaf heritage stories 9+
Different authors The smart princess and other deaf tales 9+
Donaldson, Julia and George, Karen Freddie and the Fairy 3+
Donaldson, Julia and Sharratt, Nick What the Jackdaw Saw 3+
Dowell, Frances O'Roark Dovey Coe 10+
Elkerton, Andy and John, Louise I Can Hear! (Start Reading Just Like You) 4+
Evans, Jayne Deaf-defying Josh Waterman 8+
Gilman, David Monkey and Me 9+
Haughton, Emma Living with deafness 9+
Hughes, Jack Dachy's Deaf (Dinosaur Friends) 3+
Hunter, Jana Novotny Read my lips 11+
Laird, Elizabeth Oranges in No Man's Land 8+
Lawrie, Robin and Lawrie, Chris Ballerina biker 8+
Levene, Anna My friend is deaf 8+
Levete, Sarah Deafness (Explaining) 10+
Mountjoy, Alyson and Davies, Kelly Can I tell you about Auditory Processing Disorder?
Naidoo, Alex Daisy and Ted's Awesome Adventures 5+
Napoli, Donna Jo and Klementz-Harte, Lauren Friends everywhere 6+
Powell, Jillian Jordan has a hearing loss 6+
Ray, Jane and Dunbar, Joyce Moonbird 6+
Roy, Jacqueline and Chamberlain, Margaret Being Ben 6+
Royston, Angela Deafness (Young Explorer: What's it Like?) 6+
Schachter, Esty Waiting for a Sign 10+
Selznick, Brian Wonderstruck 10+
Slack, Garry Learn to sign and cook with Olli 5+
Slack, Garry Learn to sign with Olli 2+
Spilsbury, Louise What does it mean to be deaf 9+
Townsend, John The Stone Balancer 11+
Woolley, Maggie Think about being deaf 9+
Yeatman, Linda Buttons: the dog who was more than a friend 6+