Behavioural problems (including Manners)

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Author Title Age
Agassi, Martine and Heinlen, Marieka Hands are Not for Hitting (Best Behavior) 18 months+
Ahlberg, Janet and Allan The bear nobody wanted 8+
Al-Ghani, K.I. and Al-Ghani, Haitham The Red Beast: Controlling Anger in Children with Asperger's Syndrome 6+
Alborozo, Gabriel The Colour Thief 4+
Alexander, Claire Millie Shares 2+
Alexander, Tom My Secret Dog 7+
Aliki Manners 5+
Allan, Nicholas You're all animals 5+
Amos, Janine and Green, Gwen Cheat 6+
Amos, Janine and Green, Gwen Liar 6+
Amos, Janine and Green, Gwen Moody 6+
Amos, Janine and Green, Gwen Selfish 6+
Amos, Janine and Green, Gwen Thief 6+
Amos, Janine and Spenceley, Annabel Why be bossy? 6+
Antony, Steve Betty Goes Bananas 2+
Argent, Hedi and Fuller, Rachel Why Can't I be Good? 7+
Ashley, Bernard Dinner ladies don't count 7+
Ashley, Bernard Linda's lies (in Dinner ladies don't count) 7+
Banks, Jane Whelen Liam Says Sorry: Repairing an Encounter Gone Sour (Liam Says) (Liam Books) 4+
Banks, Jane Whelen Liam Knows What to Do When Kids Act Snitty: Coping When Friends are Tactless: Coping When Friends Are Tactless (Liam Says) (Liam Books) 4+
Bedford, David and Taylor, Eleanor Leon Bites 2+
Blackburn, Deborah and Weir, Doffy There's a monster in my house 2+
Boldt, Claudia Youre a Rude Pig Bertie 4+
Bosca, Francesca and Ferri, Giuliano The apple king 5+
Bradman, Tony and Ross, Tony Michael 4+
Bright, Rachel Mine! 3+
Brooks, Felicity and Guiccidrdini, Desideria Take Turns (Max and Millie) 2+
Brukner, Lauren and Apsley The Kids' Guide to Staying Awesome and in Control: Simple Stuff to Help Children Regulate Their Emotions and Senses 7+
Brukner, Lauren and Apsley How to Be a Superhero Called Self-Control!: Super Powers to Help Younger Children to Regulate their Emotions and Senses 5+
Cantor, Wendy How would you feel if... 3+
Carle, Eric The bad-tempered ladybird 2+
Cassidy, Cathy Cherry Crush (The Chocolate Box Girls) 10+
Catchpool, Michael and Roberts, David Hopping mad! 3+
Child, Lauren I am not sleepy and I will not go to bed 3+
Choldenko, Gennifer Notes from a liar and her dog 10+
Cole, Babette Bad habits (or the taming of Lucretzia Crum) 4+
Cole, Babette Lady Lupin's book of etiquette 4+
Collins, Ross There's a Bear on My Chair 4+
Corderoy, Tracey and Warnes, Tim No! 2+
Cousins, Lucy I'm the Best 3+
Cowell, Cressida Don't do that, Kitty Kilroy! 3+
Cox, Phil Roxbee and McCafferty, Jan Give That Back, Jack! (Cautionary Tales) 7+
Cox, Phil Roxbee and McCafferty, Jan Don't Tell Lies, Lucy! (Cautionary Tales) 4+
Crebbin, June and Bolam, Emily Snap-happy Annie 2+
Crowe, Caroline and Okstad, Ella Tiny Tantrum 2+
Currey, Anna Jasper's bath 2+
Daly, Niki and Daly, Jude Thank you, Jackson 4+
Donovan, Sally and McHale, Kara Billy Bramble and The Great Big Cook Off 8+
Doyle, Malachy Georgie 11+
Doyle, Malachy and Uff, Caroline The Happy Book 3+
Drost, Joost Bubblegum guy 9+
Dunbar, Joyce and Craig, Helen Panda's new toy 3+
Durant, Alan and Parker-Rees, Guy Big Bad Bunny 2+
Earnhardt, Donna W. and Castellani, Andrea Being Frank 4+
Eason, Sarah Don't Play Dirty, Gertie! Be Fair (You Choose!) 5+
Eason, Sarah Hand It Over, Harry! Don't Steal (You Choose!) 6+
Eason, Sarah Come Clean, Carlos! Tell the Truth (You Choose!) 6+
Echeverri, Catalina Lion & Mouse 3+
Elliott, David and Ering, Timothy Basil Finn Throws a Fit 2+
Farrell, Amy, Jefferies, Rosie and Naish, Sarah William Wobbly and the Very Bad Day: A story about when feelings become too big (A Therapeutic Parenting Book) 5+
Farrell, Amy, Naish, Sarah and Jefferies, Rosie Rosie Rudey and the Very Annoying Parent: A story about a prickly child who is scared of getting close (Therapeutic Parenting Books) 5+
Farrell, Amy, Naish, Sarah and Jefferies, Rosie Sophie Spikey Has a Very Big Problem: A story about refusing help and needing to be in control (A Therapeutic Parenting Book) 5+
Faustin, Charles and Terry, Michael The selfish crocodile 3+
Fine, Anne The Tulip touch 10+
Fine, Anne and Aldous, Kate Loudmouth Louis 8+
Ford, Bernette and Williams, Sam No More Hitting for Little Hamster! 2+
French, Vivian and Elgar, Rebecca Tiger and the temper tantrum 2+
French, Vivian and Fisher, Chris Please, Princess Primrose! 3+
Gardiner, Lindsey Not fair, won't share! 2+
Gates, Susan The lie detector 7+
Gliori, Debi No matter what 2+
Goodhart, Pippa The lie spider 9+
Graves, Sue and Dunton, Trevor Hippo Owns Up - A Book About Telling the Truth (Behaviour Matters) 4+
Graves, Sue and Guicciardini, Desideria But Why Can't I? - A Book About Rules (Our Emotions & Behaviour) 5+
Graves, Sue and Guicciardini, Desideria Not Fair, Won't Share: A Book about Sharing (Our Emotions & Behaviour) 4+
Graves, Sue and Guicciardini, Desideria I Didn't Do it!: A Book About Telling the Truth (Our Emotions & Behaviour) 5+
Green, Gwen and Amos, Janine Bully 6+
Greig, Louise and Sarda, Julia Sweep 5+
Grindley, Sally and Dobins, Arthur You're a little monster 3+
Grindley, Sally and Terry, Michael The sulky vulture 2+
Gurney, John Steven The Bossy Pirate 4+
Gutman, Anne and Hallensleben, Georg George is jealous 3+
Hackett, Joe Because I'm Bella 11+
Hartman, Carrie Child of Mine 5+
Hawkins, Colin and Jacqui Rude Rabbit 5+
Hellard, Susan Baby elephant 3+
Heneghan, Judith and Hughes, Jack Noah's So Noisy (Dragon School) 2+
Heneghan, Judith and Hughes, Jack Jasmine's So Fussy (Dragon School) 2+
Heneghan, Judith and Hughes, Jack Ruby's So Rude (Dragon School) 5+
Henkes, Kevin Words of stone 10+
Hillyer, Ed and Nikapota, Anula Streaky - the annoying little piglet 4+
Hoban, Russell and Hoban, Lillian A bargain for Frances 5+
Holmes, Margaret M. and Pillo, Cary A Terrible Thing Happened 5+
Hopgood, Tim and Tazzyman, David The Truth According to Arthur 6+
Hughes, Frieda and Riddell, Chris The tall story 6+
Jackson, Catherine and Fuller, Rachel Oli and the Pink Bicycle 7+
Jefferies, Rosie and Naish, Sarah Charley Chatty and the Disappearing Pennies (Therapeutic Parenting Books) 5+
Jefferies, Rosie, Naish, Sarah and Farrell, Amy Charley Chatty and the Wiggly Worry Worm: A story about insecurity and attention-seeking (A Therapeutic Parenting Book) 5+
Jeffers, Oliver It Was't Me 5+
Johnson, Julie Being angry 6+
Johnson, Julie Being Angry (Thoughts and Feelings) 7+
Jones, Ivan and Brown, Ken The golden cage 4+
Keane, Jerome and De Dios, Susana Mine! 3+
Kelly, Mij and McQuillan, Mary Atchoo: The Complete Guide to Good Manners: Good Manners for Complete Animals 2+
Kenyon, Tony No! says Olly Bear 2+
King-Smith, Dick Lady Lollipop 5+
King-Smith, Dick and Warnes, Tim Dinosaur School 4+
Krasnesky, Thad and Parkins, David I Always, ALWAYS Get My Way 3+
Labaronne, Charlotte Just one roar! 3+
Lachner, Dorothea and Tjong-Khing, The Andrew's angry words 5+
Levete, Sarah Being jealous 6+
Lloyd, Sam Grumpy Gertie 2+
Lloyd, Sam Yucky Mucky Manners 4+
Lloyd, Sam Naughty Nancy 2+
Lowry, Lois The Willoughbys 8+
Ludlow, Anna and Donnelly, Strawberrie That's mine! 2+
Maisner, Heather and Stephenson, Kristina It's my turn 3+
Manning, Mick and Granstrom, Brita How should I behave? 4+
Markham, Dorothy and O'Donnell, Aileen All About Ben 5+
McBratney, Sam and Lewis, Kim I'm not your friend 2+
McMillan, Sue and Davey, Owen The Witch and the Dog: a lesson in manners 4+
Meddour, Wendy and May, Mina Wendy Quill is Full Up of Wrong 8+
Metcalf, Paula Mabel's magical garden 3+
Miller, Virginia Be gentle! 2+
Miller, Virginia Get into bed! 2+
Miller, Virginia I love you just the way you are 18 months+
Mooney, Bel I don't want to 5+
Moorehead, Michael J. and Parks, Kathy The Student from Zombie Island: Conquering the Rumor Monster 7+
Moores, Susanna It's Not Yours, it's Mine! 2+
Morpurgo, Michael and Foreman, Michael Not Bad for a Bad Lad 9+
Moses, Brian Anna Angrysaurus (Dinosaurs Have Feelings, Too) 4+
Moses, Brian and Gordon, Mike Excuse me' learning about politeness 5+
Moses, Brian and Gordon, Mike Gracie Grumposaurus (Dinosaurs Have Feelings Too) 4+
Naish, Sarah and Jefferies, Rosie Callum Kindly and the Very Weird Child: A story about sharing your home with a new child (Therapeutic Parenting Books) 5+
Naish, Sarah and Jefferies, Rosie Katie Careful and the Very Sad Smile (Therapeutic Parenting Books) 5+
Naish, Sarah and Jefferies, Rosie Rosie Rudey and the Enormous Chocolate Mountain: A story about hunger, overeating and using food for comfort (Therapeutic Parenting Books) 5+
Niland, Kilmeny Two tough teddies 3+
Northway, Jennifer Lucy's quarrel 5+
O'Brien, Teresa and Doherty, Berlie Paddiwak and Cosy 3+
Oram, Hiawyn and Kitamura, Satoshi Angry Arthur 3+
Oram, Hiawyn and Rees, Mary Mine! 3+
Patterson, Rebecca My Big Shouting Day 3+
Peacock, Lou and Ismail, Yasmeen Nuts! 3+
Petty Kate and Firmin, Charlotte Making friends 5+
Petz, Moritz and Jackowski, Amelie The bad mood 3+
Phoenix, Woodrow and Nikapota, Anula Little Raja - the elephant with the troublesome trunk 4+
Pielichaty, Helena Starring Brody 10+
Pielichaty, Helena Starring Jolene 10+
Pielichaty, Helena Starring Sammie 10+
Pippin-Mathur, Courtney Maya Was Grumpy 3+
Prater, John No!' said Joe 3+
Rayner, Catherine Iris and Isaac 3+
Regan, Lisa Wait Your Turn, Tilly (You Choose!) 6+
Regan, Lisa Don't Get Angry, Annie (You Choose!) 5+
Regan, Lisa No Hitting Henry (You Choose!) 6+
Renouf, Michael and Cattanach, Ann Malpas the dragon 6+
Richardson, John Bad mood bear 2+
Rissman, Rebecca Excuses, Excuses! 5+
Robinson, Michelle and Lord, Leonie Ding Dong Gorilla 4+
Rosen, Michael and Graham, Bob This is our house 3+
Rosen, Michael and Graham, Bob I'm Number One 3+
Ross, Tony Don't do that 4+
Ross, Tony I don't want to go to bed 2+
Ross, Tony Naughty Nigel 4+
Ross, Tony Oscar got the blame 3+
Ross, Tony I Want to Win! (Little Princess) 4+
Sachar, Louis There's a boy in the girls' bathroom 10+
Sanders, Pete and Myers, Steve Let's discuss getting into trouble or crime 11+
Seeney, Jill and Fuller, Rachel A Safe Place for Rufus 3+
Sendak, Maurice Where the wild things are 4+
Shields, Gillian and Johnson-Issacs, Cally The Elephantantrum 3+
Silver, Norman and Park, Julie Temper Temper! 3+
Simmons, Jane Ebb's new friend 3+
Simon, Francesca and Pace, David Horrid Henry 5+
Snow, Todd and Hartman, Carrie Manners Are Important 2+
Snow, Todd and Hartman, Carrie Manners Are Important for You and Me 5+
Stein, David Ezra Interrupting Chicken 4+
Stephens, Helen Ruby and the muddy dog 3+
Stephens, Helen The Night Iceberg 3+
Stimson, Joan and Rutherford, Meg Oscar needs a friend 2+
Strid, Jakob Martin Little Frog 5+
Thomas, Pat and Harker, Lesley My Manners Matter: A First Look at Politeness 5+
Townson, Hazel and Dupasquier, Philippe Charlie the champion liar 8+
Trajan, Jacquie Tickle 3+
Tutu, Archbishop Desmond, Abrams, Douglas Carlton and Ford, A.G. Desmond and the Very Mean Word 7+
Umansky, Kaye and Abbott, Greg Naughty Naughty Monster 3+
Ure, Jean Fizzypop (Frankie Foster) 10+
Varley, Susan and Oram, Hiawyn Badger's bad mood 3+
Verdick, Elizabeth and Heinlen, Marieka Teeth are Not for Biting 18 months+
Vipont, Elfrida and Briggs, Raymond The elephant and the bad baby 2+
Wagner, Jenny and Brooks, Ron John Brown, Rose and the midnight cat 6+
Walsh, Jill Paton and Lambert, Stephen Connie came to play 3+
Ward, Nick A word in a pig's ear 3+
Weldon, Fay and Monoz, Claudio Nobody likes me 4+
Weninger, Brigitte and Tharlet, Eve What have you done, Davy? 3+
Willis, Jeanne and Jarvis I'm in Charge! 3+
Willis, Jeanne and Ross, Tony The Really Rude Rhino 3+
Willis, Jeanne and Ross, Tony Prince Charmless 4+
Wilson, Jacqueline The dare game 10+
Wilson, Jacqueline The story of Tracy Beaker 10+
Wilson, Jacqueline Bad girls 10+
Woolf, Julia Lazy Cat 3+