Health problems and disabilities


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Author Title Age
Abey, Katie We Wear Pants 2+
Adamson, Jean and Gareth Topsy and Tim have their eyes tested 4+
Alizadeh, Kate Quiet! 3+
Archer, Eleanor Judo champion 7+
Bawden, Nina The witch's daughter 9+
Bender, Lionel Blindness (Explaining) 10+
Berrington, Lesley and Middleton, Karen A Day at the Seaside (Hattie and Friends) 3+
Boston, L.M. and Boston, Peter The Chimneys of Green Knowe (Puffin Books) 8+
Bright, Rachel Benjamin and the Super Spectacles 4+
Chancellor, Deborah and Fairclough, Chris At the optician 6+
Church, Diane and Fairclough, Chris Going on a school trip 6+
Clarke, Jane and Fox, Woody Eye Eye, Captain! 4+
Coleman, Michael Going straight 11+
Creech, Sharon Granny Torrelli makes soup 10+
Doherty, Berlie Spellhorn 9+
Edwards, Nicola My friend is blind 6+
Fairclough, Chris and Morrish, Louise At the Optician (Helping Hands) 6+
Fairclough, Chris and Tisdale, Rachel My Visit to the Optician: (Reading Roundabout) 5+
Fine, Anne Blue Moon Day 10+
Hawkins, Colin and Jacqui Daft Dog 3+
Hawkins, Elizabeth The maze 10+
Hest, Amy and Barton, Jill Baby Duck and the new eyeglasses 3+
Horgan, Dorothy Charlie's eye 8+
Hudson, Charlotte and Gardiner, Lindsey Dan and Diesel 5+
Hughes, Jack Rex's Specs (Dinosaur Friends) 3+
John, Louise and Elkerton, Andy My Mum Can't See (Start Reading: Just Like You: Pink Band 1B) 4+
Korky, Paul and Thomas, Valerie Winnie flies again 3+
Lynch, P.J., Peet, Mal and Graham, Elspeth Mysterious Traveller 7+
MacDonald, Maryann nd King, Anna Little Hippo gets glasses 5+
Matthews, Bethan and Wilson, Jacqueline Mark Spark in the dark 6+
McKinlay, Penny and Teckentrup, Britta Bumposaurus 2+
Moon, Nicola and Ayliffe, Alex Lucy's picture 3+
Morpurgo, Michael and Foreman, Michael The sleeping sword 9+
Morton-Shaw, Christine and Muller, Thomas M. Mr Jack 6+
Neckles, Nadine and Upadhyay, Vikas Can I Tell You About Nystagmus? 7+
Overell, J.J. Whoever you are 10+
Patel, Yogesh and Adams, Pam Magic glasses 3+
Powell, Jillian Charlotte has impaired vision 7+
Rex, Alice and Perrini, Angela Ava's Spectacular Spectacles 4+
Ripley, Marion and Backhouse, Colin Private and confidential 6+
Royston, Angela Blindness (Young Explorer: What's it Like?) 6+
Sanders, John and George, Brian Tales of Northwick 4+
Sedgwick, Marcus She is Not Invisible 11+
Spilsbury, Louise What does it mean to be blind 9+
The Ricketts Family Wobbly eyes: a child's view of nystagmus 6+
Webb, Sue and Salaman, Rosy Can I Tell You About Compassion? 8+
Westcott, Patsy Living with blindness 9+
White, Peter Think about being blind 9+
Willis, Jeanne and Fox-Davies, Sarah Mole's Sunrise 4+
Wilson, Jacqueline Take a good look 7+