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Author Title Age
Bradman, Tony (Ed) Give me shelter 10+
Brahmachari, Sita and Ray, Jane Worry Angels 10+
Carlin, Laura and Davies, Nicola King of the Sky 7+
Chambers, Catherine Adam was here - a story about homelessness 9+
Church, Diane Working with homeless people 8+
Colfer, Eoin and Donkin, Andrew Illegal 10+
Cornwell, Nicki and Littlewood, Karin Christophe's story 8+
Curtis, Howard (Translator) and Geda, Fabio In the Sea There are Crocodiles: The Story of Enaiatollah Akbari 11+
Cuthbertson, Ollie and Ashley, Bernard Nadine Dreams of Home 8+
Davies, Nicola and Cobb, Rebecca The Day War Came 6+
Doherty, Berlie Abela - the girl who saw lions 10+
Doherty, Berlie Street child 10+
Ellis, Deborah Mud City 11+
Foggo, Cheryl and Leng, Qin Dear Baobab 4+
Foreman, Michael The Seeds of Friendship 5+
Garland, Sarah Azzi in Between 6+
Graham, Bob Buffy - an adventure story 3+
Guridi, Raul How to Put a Whale in a Suitcase 7+
Hathorn, Libby and Rogers, Gregory Way home 8+
Hearn, Emily and Milne, Marywinn Our new home: immigrant children speak 8+
Heney, Clare, Boyce, Frank Cottrell and Hunter, Carl The Unforgotten Coat 10+
Hofmann-Maniyar, Ariane Ice in the Jungle 4+
Kaadan, Nadine Tomorrow 5+
Kilworth, Garry The electric kid 9+
Laird, Elizabeth Oranges in No Man's Land 8+
Laird, Elizabeth and Kebede, Yosef The garbage king 11+
Levette, Sarah Being an Immigrant (Talking About) 8+
Lewis, Gill and Weaver, Jo A Story Like the Wind 10+
MacPhail, Catherine Run Zan run 11+
MacPhail, Catherine and Percival, Tom Under the Skin 10+
Maryon, Kate The Invisible Girl 11+
McCombie, Karen Little Bird Flies 10+
Merrick, Anne Someone came knocking 11+
Milner, Kate My Name is Not Refugee 4+
Mitchell, Pratima and Binch, Caroline Petar's story 6+
Morgan, Michaela and Pal, Erika Night Flight 8+
Morley, Ben and Pearce, Carl The Silence Seeker 6+
Morpurgo, Michael and Birmingham, Christian Shadow 10+
Naylor-Ballesteros, Chris The Suitcase 4+
Neustatter, Angela and Elliott, Helen Refugee 11+
Okstad, Ella, DePrince, Michaela and DePrince, Elaine Ballerina Dreams 6+
Patti, Kim and Sanchez, Sonia Here I am 5+
Pielichaty, Helena Vicious circle 9+
Rauf, Onjali Q. and Curnick, Pippa The Boy At the Back of the Class 9+
Robinson, Anthony and Allan, June Street Children 7+
Robinson, Anthony, Young, Annemarie and Allan, June Gervelie's Journey (Refugee Diary) 8+
Robinson, Anthony, Young, Annemarie and Allan, June Mohammed's Journey (Refugee Diary) 9+
Rohr-Rouendaal, Petra and Naidoo, Beverley Letang's new friend 5+
Rosselson, Leon Home is a place called nowhere 10+
Sanna, Francesca The Journey 5+
Sanna, Francesca Me and My Fear 4+
Shearer, Alex The greatest store in the world 10+
Stearman, Kaye Why do people live on the streets? 10+
Stearman, Kaye Homelessness (Talk About) 10+
Sweeney, Matthew and Corr, Christopher Fox 10+
Voake, Charlotte Ginger finds a home 3+
Wilson, Jacqueline The bed and breakfast star 8+
Young, Moira and George, Hannah The Road To Ever After 10+