New baby in the family

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Author Title Age
- Pingu and the new baby 3+
Ahlberg, Allan and Ahlberg, Janet The Baby's Catalogue 2+
Allan, Nicholas Hilltop Hospital 4+
Anderson, Rachel and Harter, Debbie Hello Peanut! 2+
Andreae, Giles and Cabban, Vanessa There's a house inside my mummy 3+
Andreae, Giles and Dodd, Emma I Love You, Baby 2+
Anholt, Catherine Aren't you lucky? 3+
Anholt, Catherine and Laurence Sophie and the new baby 3+
Atinuke and Tobia, Lauren Double Trouble for Anna Hibiscus! 3+
Barber, Nicola A New Baby Arrives (Big Day)
Baskerville, Judith and Matthews, Jenny New baby 5+
Bedford, David and Freeman, Tor Babies Don't Bite 3+
Bergman, Mara and Maland, Nick Oliver and the Noisy Baby 3+
Birkinshaw, Marie and Henley, Claire New baby 18 months+
Blume, Judy Superfudge 9+
Bradman, Tony and Breeze, Lynn Our baby 2+
Breeze, Lynne This little baby's new baby 18 months+
Bright, Rachel My Sister is an Alien! 2+
Brown, Alan and Allen, Jonathan I am a dog 3+
Brown, Marc Arthur's baby 4+
Brown, Marc Arthur's new baby book 3+
Bruna, Dick Miffy and the new baby 2+
Burningham, John and Oxenbury, Helen There's Going to Be a Baby 3+
Camp, Lindsay and Utton, Peter Billy and the Barglebogle 4+
Child, Lauren The New Small Person 3+
Civardi, Anne and Cartwright, Stephen The new baby 3+
Clark, Emma Chichester No more kissing 3+
Clarke, Gus Along came Eric 3+
Cole, Babette Truelove 3+
Cole, Joanna and Kightley, Rosalinda I'm a big sister 2+
Cooper, Helen Little Monster did it! 3+
Cottringer, Anne and Ayto, Russell Ella and the naughty lion 3+
Cousins, Lucy Za-Za's baby brother 3+
De Wolf, Alex What about me? 2+
Dewan, Ted Crispin and the 3 little piglets 3+
Dollin, Laura and Rosato, Amelia Our new baby 2+
Dunbar, Joyce and Varley, Susan The spring rabbit 3+
Dunbar, Polly Something Fishy 6+
Dunmore, Helen Brother, brother, sister, sister 10+
East, Jacqueline Ed's new baby sister 2+
Edwards, Hazel and Niland, Deborah Hey Hippopotamus do babies eat cake too? 3+
Elliott, Rebecca Mr Super Poopy Pants 4+
Endersby, Frank My baby sister 2+
Endersby, Frank The nuisance 2+
Endersby, Frank Waiting for baby 2+
Endersby, Frank What about me? 2+
Fearnley, Jan A special something 3+
Fitzpatrick, Marie-Louise Silly Baby 2+
French, Vivian and Elgar, Rebecca Tiger and the new baby 3+
Gleeson, Libby and James, Ann Hannah plus one 8+
Gliori, Debi Mr. Bear's new baby 2+
Gliori, Debi Where did that baby come from? 3+
Graham, Bob Brand new baby 3+
Gray, Kes and Nayler, Sarah Ever so, ever so 3+
Green, Jen How do I feel about our new baby 6+
Green, Jen Our New Baby (Thoughts and Feelings) 6+
Green, Jen and Gordon, Mike I'm Important Too! 3+
Green, Julia and Howard, Paul Tilly's Moonlight Fox 8+
Gutman, Anne and Hallensleben, Georg <