Family illness/problems/Adult friends illness/problems

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Author Title Age
Matthew Snyman and Social Innovation Lab Kent. Foreword by Angela Rippon The Dementia Diaries 9+
- Activity Pack: a resource pack for those working with children affected by parental illness 6+
Aldridge, Jo and Aldridge Deacon, Jack Can I Tell You About Being a Young Carer 8+
Almond, David and Dunbar, Polly My dad's a birdman 7+
Altes, Marta My Grandpa 3+
Amos, Angela and Wiltshire, Sophie Can I tell you about Multiple Sclerosis?: A guide for friends, family and professionals 7+
Andrew, Ian and Dickinson, Peter The gift boat 10+
Anthony, Dan The Bus Stop at the End of the World 9+
Arnold, Elizabeth and Busby, Ailie Thief in the garden 6+
Bean, Izzy and Evans, Jane Kit Kitten and the Topsy-Turvy Feelings: A Story About Parents Who Aren't Always Able to Care 4+
Billington, Rachel Poppy's Hero 9+
Birch, Jon and Mainstone-Cotton, Sonia Mummy's Got Bipolar 4+
Bo, Arno Chirpy, the girl of the sun 9+
Booth, Anne Girl with a White Dog 10+
Brackenborough, Michelle and Elson, Jane A Room Full of Chocolate 10+
Brown, Susan Taylor Hugging the rock 10+
Browne, Anthony Voices In The Park 5+
Cain, Sandra, Speed, Margaret and Mukhida, Zul Dad's in prison 5+
Caldecott, Elen How Kirsty Jenkins Stole the Elephant 10+
Cannon, Katy Love, Lies and Lemon Pies 11+
Christopher, Lucy Flyaway 11+
Daykin, Chloe and Jones, Richard Fish Boy 11+
Delisle, Anne-Claire and Rivard, Emilie Really and Truly - a story about dementia 6+
Demetris, Alex and Demetris, Jean Grandma's Box of Memories: Helping Grandma to Remember 4+
Doherty, Berlie and Lewis, Kim Valentine's Day (Peak farm stories) (Peak Dale Farm Stories) 5+
Domeniconi, Paolo, Pollard, Sally (Trans.) and Segre, Chiara Valentina Oscar the Guardian Cat 6+
Durrant, S.E. Running On Empty 10+
Elliott, Matt and Nunn, David William When Grandma Came to Stay 5+
Evans, Kirsti and Swogger, John Something Different About Dad: How to Live with Your Asperger's Parent 10+
Farrant, Natasha The Children of Castle Rock 9+
Fensham, Elizabeth Helicopter man 11+
Freeman, Hilary The Boy from France 11+
Gardiner, Lindsey and Langston, Laura Mile-high apple pie 5+
Gliori, Debi Night Shift: An insight into depression that words often struggle to reach 11+
Goodall, Karen and Watts, Nic Our mum has Parkinson's 7+
Goozh, Judi and Jeweler, Sue Tell Me about When Moms and Dads Go to Jail (Tell Me about Jail) 6+
Goozh, Judi and Jeweler, Sue Tell Me about When Moms and Dads Come Home from Jail (Tell Me about Jail) 6+
Green, Julia and Howard, Paul Tilly's Moonlight Fox 8+
Haddon, George and Moore, Lynda My Book about Brains, Change and Dementia 4+
Hayes, Rosemary Loose Connections 10+
Hearn, Julie Follow me down 11+
Hoyle, Alice and Reis, Lauren Pretend Friends A story about schizophrenia and other illnesses that can cause hallucinations 4+
Hudson, Charlotte and McQuillan, Mary In a little while 3+
Jarman, Julia and Varley, Susan Lovely Old Lion 4+
Jarvis, Anna, Barber, Elke and Barber, Alex Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?: Explaining (sudden) death in words very young children can understand 3+
John, Louise and Elkerton, Andy My Mum Can't See (Start Reading: Just Like You: Pink Band 1B) 4+
LaFleur, Suzanne Love, Aubrey 11+
LeBlanc, Sophie A dragon in your heart 5+
Lean, Sarah and Blythe, Gary The Forever Whale
Lindbergh, Reeve and Brown, Kathryn My little grandmother often forgets 4+
Lingard, Joan and Collicutt, Paul The Sign of the Black Dagger 10+
Littlewood, Karin and Weir, Liz When Dad Was Away 4+
Littlewood, Karin, Peters, Polly and Peters, Andrew Fusek Colour Thief: A Family's Story of Depression 6+
Llewellyn, Karen My mum has epilepsy 6+
Lobel, Gill Forever family 10+
Lobel, Gillian and Littlewood, Karin Ellie and the butterfly kitten 5+
MacGregor, Christopher and Yarlett, Emma My Daddy's Going Away 3+
Madison, Alan and Denos, Julia 100 Days and 99 Nights 9+
Mainstone-Cotton, Sonia and Birch, Jon Can I tell you about Bipolar Disorder? 8+
Manning, Maurie J. and Rosenbluth, Roz Getting to know Ruben Plotnick 6+
Markham, Lynne Deep trouble 10+
Markham, Lynne and Chapman, Chris Winter wolf 7+
Martin, Susan and Dowrick, Christopher Can I tell you about Depression? 9+
Mason, Simon Moon Pie 10+
Mayfield, Sue On Eagles' Wings 11+
Millard, Glenda and Magerl, Caroline The Naming of Tishkin Silk (Kingdom of Silk) 7+
Mitchell, Fiona and Mackenzie-Smith, Marak Maybe another day 3+
Mitchell, Fiona and Mackenzie-Smith, Mark Getting to know Sandra 3+
Mitchell, Fiona and Mackenzie-Smith, Mark Missing mum 3+
Moore, Ishbel Daughter 11+
Morpurgo, Sir Michael and Foreman, Michael Lucky Button 9+
Naish, Sarah and Grimshaw, Kath Ellie Jelly and the Massive Mum Meltdown: A Story About When Parents Lose Their Temper and Want to Put Things Right 3+
Newbery, Linda and Kavanagh, Peter Ice Cat 7+
Newboult, Miranda Emma's Stormy Summer 9+
Nicholls, Sally and Coleman, Sarah Jane Season of Secrets 10+
Philbrick, Rodman Lobster Boy 11+
Pielichaty, Helena Jade's story 10+
Pilling, Ann and Ambrus, Victor Amber's secret 8+
Powell, Jillian Family Crises (Emotional Health Issues) 9+
Ray, Jane The Dolls' House Fairy 3+
Reading, Patricia Gramps has Parkinson's Disease; Grandma has Parkinson's Disease 5+
Rees, Gwyneth My mum's from Planet Pluto 11+
Revell, Mike Stonebird 9+
Rippin, Sally and Bates, Dianne The shape 9+
Scott-Skinner, Russell and Bashford, Helen Perry Panda: A Story about Parental Depression 3+
Sharratt, Nick and Wilson, Jacqueline The illustrated mum 10+
Shepherd, Jessica Grandma 4+
Slater, Kim A Seven-Letter Word 11+
Smid, Emmi, Slosse, Nathalie and Del Moral, Rocio Big Tree is Sick: A Story to Help Children Cope with the Serious Illness of a Loved One 2+
Stanton, Katie, Chia, Swee Hong and Taylor, Lisa Can I tell you about having a Stroke?: A guide for friends, family and professionals 8+
Stead, Rebecca Liar and Spy 10+
Stevens, Liza and Knightsmith, Pooky Not Today, Celeste!: A Dog's Tale about Her Human's Depression 4+
Thebo, Mimi Get real 9+
Thomas, Pat and Harker, Lesley Come Home Soon:A Parent in the Armed Forces (First Look at series) 3+
Townsend, John The Stone Balancer 11+
Ure, Jean A twist in time 10+
Ure, Jean Lemonade Sky 9+
Watters, Emmett, Watters, Debbie, Watters, Haydn and Hogan, Sophie Where's Mom's hair? - a family's journey through cancer 6+
Welton, Jude and Telford, Jane Can I Tell You About Dementia?: A Guide for Family, Friends and Carers 9+
Wilkins, Verna Allette and Venus, Pamela Boots for a bridesmaid 4+
Wilkins, Verna Allette, McLeod, G. & Willey, L. Are we there yet? 3+
Wilson, Jacqueline and Sharratt, Nick The Longest Whale Song 9+
Wilson, Jacqueline and Sharratt, Nick Lily Alone 10+
Wright, Cliff and White, Kathryn Good day, bad day 3+
Yelland, David The Truth About Leo 10+