Visits to the doctor

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Author Title Age
Adamson, Jean and Adamson, Gareth Topsy and Tim go to the doctor 2+
Brychta, Alex, Hunt, Roderick and Young, Annemarie Read at Home: at the Doctor 3+
Chancellor, Deborah and Fairclough, Chris Doctor 4+
Civardi, Anne and Cartwright, Stephen Going to the doctor 3+
Clarke, Jane Dr KittyCat is Ready to Rescue: Ginger the Kitten 6+
Clarke, Jane Bramble the Hedgehog (Dr Kitty Cat series) 6+
Clarke, Jane Logan the Puppy (Dr Kitty Kat series) 6+
Clarke, Jane Peanut the Mouse (Dr Kitty Cat series) 6+
Clarke, Jane Clover the Bunny (Dr Kitty Kat series) 6+
Clarke, Jane Willow the Duckling (Dr Kitty Kat series) 6+
Dorman, Helen and Clive Hannah goes to the doctor 3+
French, Vivian and Heap, Sue Buttons Family: Going to the Doctor 3+
Green, Jen and Gordon, Mike Say aah! My first visit to the doctor 3+
Hallinan, P.K. My doctor, my friend 3+
Inns, Christopher Next! 2+
Jandl, Ernst and Junge, Norman Next please 5+
Lamont, Priscilla My visit to the doctor 2+
Macdonald, Fiona Going to the doctor 6+
Maisner, Heather and Stephenson, Kristina Time to see the doctor 3+
McQuinn, Anna and Hearson, Ruth Zeki Gets a Check Up 18 months +
Oxenbury, Helen The check-up 2+
Pattison, Andrew and Barrett, Virginia Doctor Toby 3+
Pipe, Jim, Petty, Kate and Kopper, Lisa Going to the Doctor (My First Time) 4+
Robbins, Beth and Stuart, Jon Tom and Ally visit the doctor 2+
Rosen, Michael and Blake, Quentin Spollyollydiddlytiddlyitis 3+
Smee, Nicola Freddie visits the doctor 18 months+
Stephens, Helen Betsy Goes to the Doctor (Betsy First Experiences) 3+
Stockham, Jess Doctor (First Time series) 3+
Strong, Stacie and Fernandes, Eugenie Going to the doctor 3+
Thomson, Ruth At the Doctors Surgery 6+
Watson, Carol A day in the life of a doctor 5+
Wells, Rosemary Felix feels better 2+
West, Annie Brinkworth Bear goes to the doctor 18 months+