Family relationships


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Author Title Age
Anholt, Lawrence and Catherine Good days, bad days 2+
Atkinson, Mary Why are all families different? 4+
Baum, Louis and Bouma, Paddy Are we nearly there? 3+
Bennett, Kelly and Meisel, Paul My Dads
Branfman, Jonathan and Benbassat, Julie You Be You! 8+
Cole, Henry, Parnell, Peter and Richardson, Justin And Tango Makes Three 4+
Collins, Shanni and Knightsmith, Pooky All You Need Is Love: Celebrating Families of All Shapes and Sizes 6+
Dupasquier, Philippe Dear Daddy 4+
Earl, Amanda, Sensier, Danielle and Lloyd, Frances Poems about families 5+
Griffiths, Joe, Pilgrim, Tony and Pearce, Lucy Picnic in the park 4+
Harker, Lesley and Thomas, Pat This is My Family (First Look at) 4+
Hoffman, Mary and Asquith, Ros The Great Big Book of Families 4+
Hoffman, Mary and Asquith, Ros Welcome to the Family 5+
Hollyer, Belinda (compiler) and Swain, Holly Haven't you grown! Poems about families 4+
Hughes, Shirley Dogger 4+
Lang, Suzanne and Lang, Max Families Families Families 4+
Lively, Penelope A Stitch in Time (Essential Modern Classics) (Collins Modern Classics) 9+
MacGregor, Christopher and Yarlett, Emma My Daddy's Going Away 3+
McCardie, Amanda and Rubbino, Salvatore A Book of Feelings 4+
McCormick, Wendy and Eachus, Jennifer Daddy, will you miss me? 4+
Mooney, Bel and Chamberlain, Margaret It's not my fault 8+
Nicholls, Judith and Manna, Giovanni Someone I like - poems about people 5+
Ormerod, Jan and Thompson, Carol Molly and her dad 5+
Parr, Todd The Family Book 3+
Pielichaty, Helena and Heap, Sue Simone's letters 9+
Pittar, Gill and Morrell Cris Milly, Molly and different dads 5+
Powell, Jillian Me and my family 10+
Powell, Jillian Family Crises (Emotional Health Issues) 9+
Prince, Alison and Van Tilburg, Magda Magic dad 6+
Shavick, Andrea and Hard, Charlotte The truth about families 5+
Webb, Kaye (comp) Family tree 9+
Whelehan, Dennis and Archbold, Tim The dad library 6+
Willis, Jeanne and Ross, Tony Don't let go 5+
Wood, Amanda and Argent, Hedi Josh and Jaz have three mums 5+