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Author Title Age
Baguley, Elizabeth and Lindsay, Marion Ready Steady Ghost! 3+
Baum, Louis and Hellard, Sue Milo Mouse and the scary monster 3+
Clarke, Gus Michael's monsters 4+
Crowe, Caroline and Okstad, Ella Tiny Tantrum 2+
Darke, Marjorie and McNicholas, Shelagh Emma's monster 3+
Dinan, Carolyn Goodnight, monster 3+
Dunbar, Joyce and Liao, Jimmy The Monster Who Ate Darkness 4+
Emberley, Ed Go away, Big Green Monster! 2+
Foster, John (Comp.) I'm not scared of the monster and other poems 4+
Foster, John (Ed) and Paul, Korky Monster poems 5+
Giuliano, David and McBrien, Marlene The Alligator in Naomi's Pillow 4+
Glitz, Angelika and Sonnichsen, Imke Don't look under the bed! 3+
McKay, Hilary and Harvey, Amanda There's a dragon downstairs 3+
McKay, Hilary and Harvey, Amanda There's a Dragon Downstairs 3+
McNaughton, Colin Making friends with Frankenstein 6+
Meador, Martin and Currant, Gary No More Monsters: A Pop-Up Monster Trap Storybook 3
Mongredien, Sue and East, Nick Harry and the Monster 3+
Morse, Simon Monster School for Ghosts and Ghouls 3+
Moss, Marissa After-school monster 5+
Noll, Amanda and McWilliam, Howard I Need My Monster 4+
Petz, Moritz and Dusikova, Maja Mona the monster girl 3+
Piquemal, Michel and Paul, Korky The monster book of horrible horrors 5+
Rodgers, Frank Looking after your first monster 3+
Rogers, Paul and Emma Do you dare? 4+
Ross, Tony I'm coming to get you 5+
Ross, Tony Towser and the monster egg 3+
Satrapi, Marjane and David, Jill (Translator) Monsters are Afraid of the Moon 4+
Tyler, Jenny, Hawthorn, Philip and Cartwright, Stephen There's a monster in my house 2+
Umansky, Kaye and Abbott, Greg Naughty Naughty Monster 3+
Vere, Ed Bedtime for Monsters 3+
Willems, Mo Sam, the Most Scaredy-cat Kid in the Whole World 5+
Willis, Jeanne and Varley, Susan The monster storm 3+