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Author Title Age
Condon, Judith When it's hard to move 9+
Elliott, Rebecca Just Because 3+
Elliott, Rebecca Sometimes 3+
Furnari, Eva and Entrekin, Alison (Translator) Fuzz McFlops 6+
Gallico, Paul and Barrett, Angela The Snow Goose 10+
Helton, Sarah and Novy, Anna Remembering Lucy: A Story about Loss and Grief in a School 5+
John, Louise and Elkerton, Andy Small (Start Reading: Just Like You) 4+
Laird, Elizabeth (Ed.) Me and my electric 9+
Lovegrove, James and Miller, Ian Wings 9+
McCombie, Karen Little Bird Flies 10+
Miles, Lorna and Fuller, Rachel Sam's Trouble with Words 7+
Moore, Genevieve and Littlewood, Karin Catherine's Story 6+
Okstad, Ella, DePrince, Michaela and DePrince, Elaine Ballerina Dreams 6+
Philbrick, Rodman Freak the Mighty 10+
Powell, Jillian What do we think about disability? 7+
Reeves, Alice and Kirk, Phoebe Roxy the Raccoon: A Story to Help Children Learn about Disability and Inclusion (Truth & Tails Children's Books) 5+
Robshaw, Brandon The boy with the eggshell skull 9+
Sanders, Pete and Myers, Steve People with disabilities 10+
Stanton, Katie, Chia, Swee Hong and Taylor, Lisa Can I tell you about having a Stroke?: A guide for friends, family and professionals 8+
Willis, Jeanne and Ross, Tony Susan laughs 3+